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    Please describe the incident without giving any personal information.

    Here you can list media material, reports or recordings of the crime (e.g. newspaper reports, links, videos, pictures, etc.). They will not be published.

    If you need support, you can leave your contact details. The Lower Saxony Victim Counselling Service will get in touch with you. Contacting them is not compulsory and your data will not be passed on.


    This is how you can reach us:

    North-West Lower Saxony region

    Exil e.V
    Phone: 0541 38069923
    Mobile: 0157 37967272


    North-East Lower Saxony region

    CJD Nienburg
    Phone: 05021 971111


    Southern Lower Saxony region

    Asyl e.V
    Mobile: 0179 1255333 / 0159 06390203 / 0159 06849290