About us


As a contact point for victims of right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence in Lower Saxony, we support all people who have experienced hostility of this kind as victims, relatives or witnesses. Because time and again people are confronted with hostility in their everyday lives. Right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence can take on very different forms: from damage to property through, for example, slogans and swastikas on house walls, to verbal abuse, insults and spitting attacks to physical attacks and even (attempted) murder. Right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic attacks and assaults have no predetermined form. Moreover, the term violence does not exclusively refer to physical acts. Verbal or mental abuse is also an assault and we support the victims, their relatives and witnesses. We help people to cope with their experiences, accompany them through the subsequent steps and advise them on future action strategies.

There are no rules as to what must have happened to affected persons. They can always contact us. Our team will help them to work through situations and classify them.

The Advocacy for those affected in Lower Saxony is subdivided into three regional offices for the respective regions of North-West, North-East and Southern Lower Saxony, which together provide advice and support throughout all Lower Saxony. Our team is mobile and able to visit those seeking advice locally. All counsellors are in close contact with each other to ensure the best possible availability.


This is how you can reach us:

North-West Lower Saxony region

Exil e.V
Phone: 0541 38069923
Mobile: 0157 37967272


North-East Lower Saxony region

CJD Nienburg
Phone: 05021 971111


Southern Lower Saxony region

Asyl e.V
Mobile: 0179 1255333 / 0159 06390203 / 0159 06849290


For our team, the needs of persons seeking advice are always our first priority. We are always on the side of the victims, their relatives and witnesses* and stand up for their interests. Our counselling and our actions are based on the quality standards of the Verband der Beratungsstellen für Betroffene rechter, rassistischer und antisemitischer Gewalt (Association of Counselling Services for Victims of Right-wing, Racist and Anti-Semitic Violence)).

Its aim is to provide access to affected persons with the lowest possible inhibition threshold. Therefore, those seeking advice can contact us personally, by telephone, by email and, if prefer, even anonymously. Counselling is also possible for persons without a valid residence permit. We work independently of state institutions and political parties. All regional offices are separated both spatially and structurally from public authorities and government agencies.